Your preschooler is undoubtedly full of energy and personality, and his growing physical and language skills can make for entertaining - and exhausting - days. He's growing and changing in many ways, testing his independence and sometimes testing your patience. Learn more about all the changes you may see in this stage of his development here.

Growth & Development - Preschooler
Preschool Readiness: What Age is the Best Age for Preschool?

Many parents reach out to me with concerns about preschool at the beginning of a new ...
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Your Child’s First Loose Tooth

It can be days or weeks before a loose tooth finally falls out; and the days in between ...
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The “Big Kid Room”: What Is It?

Transforming your child’s room into a preschool-appropriate space might make you feel a ...
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Preschooler Development: 4 to 5 Years Old

Applaud your preschooler in her developmental milestones, as they show proof that she is ...
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Preschooler Development: 3 ½ to 4 Years Old

Be prepared to be continually amazed and baffled throughout this stage of your ...
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Preschooler Development: 3 to 3 ½ Years Old

Over the next few months, you’ll begin to notice subtle differences that define your ...
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