Language Development

Your preschooler is undoubtedly full of energy and personality, and his growing physical and language skills can make for entertaining - and exhausting - days. He's growing and changing in many ways, testing his independence and sometimes testing your patience. Learn more about all the changes you may see in this stage of his development here.

Growth & Development - Preschooler
The Best Children’s Books of 2014

2014 is a wrap, but don't bid everything farewell — it was a great year for ...
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Stuttering: How Can I Help My Child Have the Confidence to Communicate?

Whether it’s standing in a steamy bathroom holding a newborn with croup, or holding ...
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5 Fun Activities to Promote Good Writing Skills

Before entering Kindergarten, a preschooler is expected to have basic writing ...
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Language Development and Preschoolers: 12 Milestones You Should Know

As with every task your preschooler will tackle, language skill acquisition varies from ...
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Identifying Delayed Speech and Language Development

The ability to communicate with words is central to our experience of being human. ...
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Ready to Read

Now is the time to support reading preparation with your child! There are many ...
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