Intellectual Development

Your preschooler is undoubtedly full of energy and personality, and his growing physical and language skills can make for entertaining - and exhausting - days. He's growing and changing in many ways, testing his independence and sometimes testing your patience. Learn more about all the changes you may see in this stage of his development here.

Growth & Development - Preschooler
Age-Appropriate Chores for Your Child

As moms, our time is precious. So allow me to let you in on a secret that has helped me ...
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5 Fun Activities to Promote Good Writing Skills

Before entering Kindergarten, a preschooler is expected to have basic writing ...
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Fine Motor Skills: 3 Activities to Help Your Preschool Child Succeed

These activities will develop fine motor skills, as well as build brain pathways for math ...
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11 Ways to Encourage Reading in Your Preschooler

As a parent, you play an important role in developing your child’s interest in and ...
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Questions and Answers About Sex: My Young Child Asked Me Where Babies Come From – What Do I Say?

It is not uncommon for a child to ask where babies come from, especially if that child ...
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Why Kids Really Lie, and How to Stop It

Learning why kids lie is the first step in getting them to stop. Let's break this down ...
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