Emotional Development

Your preschooler is undoubtedly full of energy and personality, and his growing physical and language skills can make for entertaining - and exhausting - days. He's growing and changing in many ways, testing his independence and sometimes testing your patience. Learn more about all the changes you may see in this stage of his development here.

Growth & Development - Preschooler
5 Stress-Relief Strategies for Kids

Kids experience stress for various reasons. My kids are generally mellow little beings, ...
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How to Help Your Kids Cope With Failure

Kids face a lot of disappointment, even during the toddler years! In ...
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When Should Boys and Girls No Longer Share a Bedroom?

There is an informal debate over whether or not opposite-sexed siblings should be allowed ...
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Handling Your School-age Child’s Increasing Interest in Sexuality

“Say cheese!” you coach your three-year-old daughter as you're about to snap her ...
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Age-Appropriate Chores for Your Child

As moms, our time is precious. So allow me to let you in on a secret that has helped me ...
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Discussions with Your Adopted Child: 5 Tips to Help

When do you let your child know that he or she was adopted? And what should you say? ...
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