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Kid-Friendly Travel Destinations

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Current Course: Planning for Family Fun

Gone are the days of relaxing under a beach umbrella, drink in hand, good book to read at your side. These days, relaxation comes in the five minutes you get to yourself while showering. It can be hard to imagine a family vacation comparable to those days of relaxation, but with a few tips and tricks, you can find an entirely new kind of fun with your family. Tips on travel plans, checklists, and ideas for keeping the little ones happy will get you on your way to Planning for Family Fun!

Table of Contents

  • Kid-Friendly Travel Destinations
  • Planes, Trains, Automobiles, & How to Keep Your Sanity
  • Air Travel Checklist
  • Traveling on a Budget
  • Heading into the Great Outdoors
  • How To Entertain Children While Traveling
  • Cold Weather, Snowflakes, and Children: Creative Ways to Beat the Winter Blues
  • How to Get a Toddler Out of the House
  • Your Baby’s First Flight
  • How To Have a Family Game Night
  • Traveling with Your Baby
  • 10 Tips for Travel During Pregnancy

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  1. Makayllia says:

    Happy because I have given birth to a butifuly little bit girl

  2. bree says:

    I love to travel and planning a disney trip

  3. Amanda says:

    Were not able to travel but my kids love parks an lakes to are nearby and we still have a great time no matter how far we can ir can’t travel

  4. nia says:

    We are taking a trip to disneyland.

  5. Shericial says:

    I have had the pleasure of traveling overseas with my oldest 2 when they were 18 months and 5 years old. It was not as bad as I thought that it would be going overseas, but on our first trip back to America to visit with family and friends was not a joy at all. I have only traveled by car since having my last two. I have traveled with all four of my kids and it was an enjoyable trip.

  6. Darlynn says:

    My husband and I are planning to take our little ones to disney world,if they’re 5,3&2 yrs old so they could have fun.

  7. Ricky says:

    I am not to sure I want to travel outside the US, but definitely want to do some vacations to many other states.

  8. Drea0223 says:

    Oh I don’t know about the passport but I think if your baby is under 3 months they can sit on your lap on the plane. I would go check with the airline your taking.

  9. Drea0223 says:

    Im actually excited to take this course. I have been a stick in the mud lately and I want to give my kids more Mommy Fun time 🙂

  10. im planning to take my little one this year a few weeks after she turns 1 to the Dominican Republic i know she is free but do i still have to purchase a passport???? help

  11. shaniak says:

    I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to enjoy a family trip

  12. JamJam says:

    im looking forward to getting into my local pool with my daughter after she is born/old enough

  13. Linda says:

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  14. Linda says:

    Since I started with my online business I earn $62 every 15 minutes. It sounds unbelievable but you wont forgive yourself if you don’t check it out.

  15. the local play ground or library or maybe try apicnic.MY 3 yr.old grandson loves helping make crafts for gifts.or even mixing cake mix making cookies

  16. I have a small budget for extra activities but my girls do not like being in the house all the time. I bought a year membership to the zoo this year and it has already more than paid for itself and the kids love it! We go almost every week!

  17. well i wouldnt go now to places maybe in the future

  18. Plowje3 says:

    Where are you located? Where I am there are a lot of different dinosaur parks, zoos, etc that we take my son to. It’s not that expensive but he loves it. We usually only travel 2 or 3 hours and make a weekend or 5 day trip out of it.

  19. Kateerah6 says:

    I can never really find any fun places to go within my budget. I have 3 kids and I am pregnant with twins. Does anyone know of any places I can go without spending too much!

  20. MLS says:

    As long as I know the kids will love it and have fun well go

  21. Hi heidi. Check out our courses by clicking on the row of colorful books at the top left of a lot of the pages ( Enjoy!!

  22. heidi says:

    o g’z how do start the course? someone said something about a yellow tab?

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