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Nursing Tips from a New Mom

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Before my son was born, I never anticipated that breastfeeding would be so difficult for me. I thought, because it was a natural process, it would come to me naturally. For some moms, it is easy, but don't feel alone if you find the process difficult or even impossible. I have compiled some helpful tips below that should make feeding time easier.

Use hospital resources. I tried to learn everything I could from the lactation specialist at the hospital after I realized I needed help. Women who seek help have higher success rates, so talk to your child's pediatrician, or ask for the lactation specialist's phone number before you leave the hospital.

Check out La Leche League. As stated on their website,, this organization's mission is to help mothers, worldwide, breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, while offering encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother. It is a great place to look for support and answers.

{ MORE: How to Reduce Postpartum Breast Engorgement }

Prepare for the nursing session. Breastfeeding can take awhile. To ensure that you are comfortable, take a moment to grab something to drink, maybe something to read, or make sure the remote is close at hand, and don't forget to use the restroom! You will be surprised at how much taking a few seconds for yourself will relax you.


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Nursing Tips from a New Mom

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  1. Wilmaliz says:

    Putting anything that will go on your breast in the microwave is a bad idea. Radiation effects babies much more than us. Thier immune systems are not strong enough. Check out The BabySafe Project.

  2. Katie says:

    When my son was born I could not get him to latch on very well. Luckily the hospital he was born in has a great lactation department. With their help I was able to learn how to properly get him to latch on. They also have a breastfeeding support group that meets once a week. I have gone to that several times. The group is for nursing moms and babies. We weigh the babies to make sure they are gaining weight, talk about any problems we are having and obviously feed the babies. The group is free and open to any mother/baby group of any age. I highly recommend looking into groups like these to anyone trying to breastfeed.

  3. Lynna says:

    i was gonna look into the la leche.

  4. emily says:

    this will be very helpful when I start breastfeeding!

  5. Kumora says:

    it started well for me and my LO but he has had latch issues due to a lip tie that have really damaged me and make my milk stop flowing mid feed which makes us both frustrated and makes me have to supplement though we are getting that fixed

  6. gfeld says:

    As a mom who has nursed 4 kids, these are great tips to know!

  7. Charity says:

    none of my boys would latch theyd cry with their mouths open and turn their heads.

  8. I am due in 9 wks and I am a bit worried that I won’t have enough breastmilk to feed my baby.

    • Katie says:

      When my son was born at first it didn’t seem like I was making very much milk but by the third day my supply came in full force. I was so full and engorged it actually made it hard for him to even latch on. I’m sure you will build up a nice supply once your baby is born.

  9. Theresa says:

    Breastfeeding my daughter was difficult at first, but once we got the hang of it, it was and is smooth sailing. 🙂 The only thing I don’t get is how to eat and breastfeed at the same time. My baby always cries when I’m eating. 😛

  10. Deanna says:

    Breastfeeding for me started out well, LO latched well. She is now 4 months old and still going strong!

  11. Sierra-Dawn says:

    I was lucky that right when my son was delivered and placed on my chest after being wiped down he latched on right away

  12. Elfie says:

    I really dislike the Cluster feedings with sore nipples 🙁

  13. rebecca says:

    Great tips, can’t wait to start breastfeeding when my little man arrives.

  14. allie_cat says:

    I love every bonding moment i have with my lil man. breast feeding is such a wonderful experenice

  15. EbyMom says:

    Breast feeding is a wonderful experience that helps mother and child bonding. when i had my baby after a few days my milk started flowing i had engorgement and the warm washcloth was a great help.

  16. sheenaholman says:

    Interesting about the warm washcloth and frozen peas…never tried that before.

  17. taylor says:

    Great tips! I’ve been breastfeeding fir alomost a year now and it just gets easier. Hang in there for the first few weeks and it’s downhill from there.

  18. Janice says:

    It does not sound easy. It makes me wonder how women long ago, could manage all the things required of them.

  19. Liz says:

    This was a good article for me to read because I didn’t know about the frozen pees and the warm wash cloth. I just became a mom a week and a day ago and it is true about how hard breast feeding can be. I did learn as a new moms that if we need help with breast feeding we should be ask because it makes it easier.

  20. MARiiA says:


  21. Ada says:

    This is great. I didn’t know about the warm clothes thing.

  22. Fatima says:

    Great tips to know

  23. Melody says:

    Hmmm…I might actually use our frozen peas now…

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