Newborn Care: The First Few Weeks

It's not uncommon to leave the hospital feeling nervous and unprepared to care for the tiny person coming home with you. In those first weeks, there will be many moments where you wonder what you should be doing. We've gathered articles to address some of the most common questions below.

Week by Week - Baby
4 Tips for Cutting Your Newborn’s Fingernails

Newborn babies are perfect. Tiny ears, tiny noses, tiny wrists, and itty-bitty fingers ...
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5 Things Only Newborns Do That I Wish I Could Keep Forever

I miss having a newborn. This stage of parenting certainly has its frustrating struggles, ...
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5 Things to Stop Worrying About in Your Baby’s First Weeks

The early days of new parenthood are hard. Really hard. Whether you’re a first-time ...
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7 Rules for Visiting a New Baby

You are about to have a baby.

Moment of silence for your ...
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Your Newborn Bathing Questions Answered

Newborn babies are a lot of things: precious, beautiful, amazing, and … stinky? Before ...
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4 Tips for Caring for Your Baby Boy’s Diaper Area

When I became the mother of a son, I was pretty terrified. After having two daughters, I ...
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