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Making a Birth Plan

Are you dreaming of an unmedicated home birth, or have you already spoken to your medical provider about an epidural? Every mother-to-be has hopes and fears about the birthing process. Creating a plan can help to express those hopes and ease those fears. Here, you will find articles and information to prepare and to help you create your own, personal birth plan.

Planning Childbirth
Did You Make a Birth Plan for Your C-Section? Why You Should

When I was pregnant with my first child - just over 8 years ago - I read a lot about what ...
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5 Birth Plan Essentials to Remember

If you're planning on writing out a birth plan, allow me to put on my ...
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Birth Plan Limitations

It is often said that medicine is an art and not a science. This is no more ...
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Creating a Birth Plan

Labor is unpredictable. You really never know what is going to happen. Even a scheduled ...
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What If Your Birth Plan Can’t Be Followed?

The first thing you have to remember is that a birth plan is a guide and not a ...
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Making a Birth Plan: Is That Why They Call It Labor?

As your pregnancy progresses, you will be thinking about the actual birthing process. You ...
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