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Different Birthing Methods

Are you dreaming of an unmedicated home birth, or have you already spoken to your medical provider about an epidural? Every mother-to-be has hopes and fears about the birthing process. Creating a plan can help to express those hopes and ease those fears. Here, you will find articles and information to prepare and to help you create your own, personal birth plan.

Planning Childbirth
One Midwife is Claiming that Women Need to Stop Pushing to Give Birth

When you think about giving birth, what's the one thing that comes to mind? Is it an ...
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Why I Loved My C-Section Birth

Gearing up for the birth of my fourth child, I was nervous. So much ...
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Learn How Meditation Can Help Reduce Pain During Labor

Ask any woman who has experienced childbirth and they're likely to tell you that it is an ...
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I Loved Bradley Classes Even Though I Didn’t End Up With a Med-Free Birth

When I was pregnant with my son I began to research birth classes before my belly had ...
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Why I Opted for a Repeat C-Section

My first delivery experience was far from ideal. After a long labor with ...
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From All-Natural to an Epidural Birth

  I settled on to the examination table as best I could, my enormous ...
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