Creating a Birth Plan


Labor is unpredictable. You really never know what is going to happen. Even a scheduled c-section can have its surprising moments. Nonetheless, preparation is a good thing; it's good to prepare for the unexpected and have a plan, not only for the medical professionals serving you, but also for your own peace of mind. Here are some questions to help you create a birth plan.

1. What hospital are you going to?

2. Who do you want with you in the delivery room?

3. Do you want pain relief medication? If so, what medication would you prefer? (epidural, spinal block, narcotics, local anesthetic, etc.)

4. When would you like pain medication administered?

5. What do you want as birthing aids? (music, focal object, massage from your partner, etc.)

6. What position do you want to give birth in?

7. Are you okay with getting an episiotomy?

8. Do you want your son circumcised?

9. Who do you want to cut the umbilical cord?

10. Do you want to donate or store the umbilical cord blood?

11. If a c-section is necessary, who do you want with you? Do you want a second opinion?

12. Other needs

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1. St. Michael's Hospital

2. I want my spouse in the delivery room

3. Epidural

4. I want an epidural when my contractions become less than one minute apart.

5. I want to use a focal object while in labor (photo).

6. I want to be reclined when pushing.

7. I'd rather not have an episiotomy.

8. If it's a boy, I want to have him circumcised.

9. I want the doctor to cut the umbilical cord.

10. I want to donate the umbilical cord blood.

11. If a c-section is necessary, I want my spouse in the room with me.


12. I'd like ice water for the beginning of labor. I'd like my baby placed on my chest immediately after birth.


What do you think?

Creating a Birth Plan

Tell us what you think!


  1. Moyo says:

    Thanks, got it!!!

  2. deanna says:

    I think I got my checklist ready to go

  3. Lynna says:

    A lot of these things I never would think of. Now I am going to plan.

  4. Morgan says:

    Good start to a Birth Plan! I will be adding to it just to be as specific as I can – for my own peace of mind (I’m a planner!)

  5. alliekat1987 says:

    This definitely gives me a lot to think about especially with this being my first pregnancy.

  6. ktetter1st says:

    i think this would really help me and my boyfriend…..b/c we are both very nervous and would like for everything to go perfectly with our first child.

  7. kimbro09 says:

    Here is my birth plan …… Arrive at hospital……. get admitted……. spend hours and hours in pain….. medicate me cut me open I don’t care just get this thing out of me,,,,, relax and see my new bundle of joy.

    • Melody says:

      Amen Sister!! I have some things to mention….like only hubby in delivery and yes to circumcision…but I’m with you!! The best thing for us, I think, is just to know it’s gonna happen how it happens! If you go into a delivery scenario expecting to control it all…you’re gonna be sadly disappointed!

  8. Tina says:

    defiantly something to think about. this is my first pregnancy and I guess I didn’t realise that you need a birth plan and that you need to choose so much. Idk when the pain meds should be administered. I figured you go into the hospital and the dr.’s and nurse’s take it from there. I’m hoping it all goes smoothly which I have no reason to think it won’t I’m just nervous.

  9. Marilyn says:

    I still don’t have a birth plan :/

  10. Maria says:

    I was just researching on how to write the birth plan. I just found a few of them off other websites and they include a lot more things than this list out of 12. Maybe we don’t need too much things on it, but I just chose what I will definetly want for myself and for things on which I have questions, I made a list to ask my doctor about… Now I feel safer since I have it at least more or less assembled.

  11. IvyVillani says:

    I think im going to wait to write the birth plan until after I take the active labor course that goes oever different way to avoid medication during labor. But, on the brighter side, my boyfriend will be in there with me and knows what I want, so does my midwife.

  12. verochka31 says:

    unfortunately my birth plan is a scheduled c-section and the only person with me in that room besides all the personels is the one person who helped make our baby……………my husband. and lots of prayers to help us through it all the way 🙂

  13. I feel so overwhelmed thinking about a birth plan. I don’t even know where to start. There is so much I don’t know. I wish the doctor would go over my options with me, but it seems like they are always in a rush.

  14. I just don’t know how to fill most of this stuff out. I don’t know what pain medication I should want and when I should want it. I’ve never given birth before, so I need to do a lot of research.

  15. meridethann says:

    Good list to start with. I would include whether or not you plan to nurse, if you do not want your baby given water of a pacifier as well as whether or not you’d like the baby to sleep in your hospital room or to sleep in the nursery.

  16. hannah83 says:

    Thank you for sharing. It is very helpful. 🙂

  17. Jeanetta says:

    This is so helpful because things are on this list I wouldn’t have thought of before hand.

  18. Julie says:

    This is a good start on what to put on a birth plan. I would add whether or not you are planning to breastfeed otherwise they may assume you are not and give the baby a bottle and a pacifier. Also I would make of list of who needs to be called and have a person assigned to that task.

  19. SammysMOMMY says:

    what about a phone tree?

  20. cathy says:

    i am glad i found this site so helpful

  21. nicole says:

    having my third child and think that a birth plan is the best thing ever and have used this exact list for all my children ….ADVICE an episiotomy is really the best option bc itsave from the extra pain of tearing and it heals quicker

  22. roobearr says:

    Plans have been made, but I know that I might not be able to stick to the plan and that is ok. I want to do water birth, but if the pain gets too bad and I need an epidural I won’t be able to.

  23. Something I need to start thinking about!!

  24. SammysMOMMY says:

    Ouch! Good to know. When I was born I came out too fast and ripped my mom up really bad.

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