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Your Child Care Options

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Current Course: Daycare, Preschool, and Other Childcare Options

Whether you are returning to work after a brief leave or just looking for a sitter for a few hours out of the house, at some point all parents will need some form of childcare. It can take time and effort to explore all your options. We’ve gathered tips and advice on many types of care, from nannies to daycares, and everything in between. So, when you’re ready to begin the search, start here for Daycare, Preschool, and Other Childcare Options.

Table of Contents

  • Your Child Care Options
  • Interviewing Your Nanny or Babysitter
  • Preschool Interview Questions
  • Deciding on a Daycare
  • How To Be a Stay-at-Home Dad
  • The Cost of Relative Care
  • Childcare Options: Pros and Cons
  • How To Hire a Nanny
  • The ABC’s of Choosing Childcare
  • Finding the Perfect Provider
  • Working Inside and Outside the Home
  • How To Choose a Good Babysitter

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  1. My grandchild is a year old and I really would like samples to compare different products, and also literature on children with disabilities…

  2. I wanna choose a good baby sitter or a daycare

  3. susan says:

    This is my third pregnancy and it’s the first time I have to decide what I’m going to do as far as childcare if/when I return to work…

  4. anna says:

    My son was in daycare. He was sick every week. In one year we visited the emergency room 6 times.
    He always had high fevers from viral infections. It came to where he spent 3 days at the hospital because his white cell count was so high and his fever would not go down even after taking alternate tylenol and motrin. He was between the ages of 7 months to a year and a half. Then to find out later, he also had pnemonia (found out later another child at the daycare had pnemonia to. To make matters worst he also caught the virus for cold sore. i was pissed cause the daycare providers would see a child coming in with coldsore and they would still allow the parent to leave the child.There should be educational programs for daycare providers every six month on sanitation practices.
    Daycare is good, in that your child can interact with other kids, but I think there should be stricter rules on cleaning of the daycares.

  5. Raquel says:

    I am not sure daycare or stay at home mom

  6. Alanna says:

    Family member. Grandparents are built-in baby sitters.

  7. kayleigh says:

    this is an awesome and very helpful article

  8. mekerria says:

    i just might go with a family member as nanny i dont trust too many ppl

  9. katherine says:

    As far as child care OPTIONS go I have not seen other responses like mine and I am really wondering why? We chose to go with a nanny. My oldest had been in day care since the age of two when we found out I was expecting our second. The fist thing I suddenly noticed was I was starting to catch every single germ my daughter caught in Day Care, No fun! When it came time to prepare for our second bundle of joy.It seemed to my husband and I the only smart thing to do was now hire a professional Nanny.Who comes to our home, where we control the germs and she is no longer bringing anything home from the day care to her new born sister or I. I love that my mornings are hassle free I see my oldest and some days the baby still sleeps and this allows her to develop at her own pace. My children are happy when she arrives and the one on one care is priceless. Not to mention the cost of Day care fees we now save HALF of what we had been paying. I love that people” think ” we’re well off when it is the opposite due to the simple fact we are saving so much money. A local Nanny agency was our saving grace. And saving us money and they are tax deductible as well. Highly recommend Your Other Hands, Philadelphia, Pa. IMHO!!!!!

  10. leslie says:

    there are free early headstart,headstart programs which i put my 4yr old in when he was 2 he loved it ,they helped him develop skills faster than i expected, now im going to take my middle child there which is 2, and for my most newest addition to the family which is 6months theres also a program that lets me and him have a little more time one on one since the house is always with kids running around…

  11. Everday care is different, the children still get to learn, while having fun. the only down side I have seen is my child is sick more often then normal because he is around a lot of other kids. But he loves going to day care.

  12. JANELLE says:

    true true mines not to big on reading but he does watch the videos with me

  13. vlrajski says:

    Once my 6 weeks is up, my son will be in child care for 40 hours a week. I do not know whether to do something more private (like a mom who runs a day care out of her home) or an actual facility.

  14. Nancy says:

    It’s so fun for the kids

  15. tamara claus says:

    how do i know when my son is old enought for daycare?

  16. I keep hearing my friends talk about the bad things that happen at daycares and i get so worried…..i want my son to interact with other kids but, i also want to wait until he can talk so he can tell me if there are any problems.

  17. ChrisS says:

    I have my son started going to school at age of 2. I have him go at early age so he can explore more and interact with other kids.

  18. Clemisha says:

    I liven a small town with lots of good daycares

  19. MissMichell says:

    its hard to find a good day- care where i live, but we have family to help out for now

  20. RachelYoung says:

    waiting till she is done potty training i couldnt imagine loosing the days with by daughter watching her growing lil self lol i love working too but i dont want to miss a thing…… the time is coming tho……. 😀

  21. Faleshia says:

    Im worried about finding the right daycare now that i have 3 boys to put in one. my other two boys have gone through 7 daycares. noone seems to have the patience and love to handle them. now that ill have an infant and have to return to work this time around im very afraid of my options.

  22. I am so worried about daycare! I had my two older children in daycare when they were young but I am now afraid to put my baby in daycare because of all the daycare horror stories I hear in the news now-a-days.

  23. lakesha says:

    I am looking for work county aid just is not going to cut it. My nephew is willing to watch my lil one but i really want him in day care to be around kids his age and people, HE DOES NOT LIKE being around a lot of people, and that’s my fault for saying at home to much.. I just hope it all works out, but i have no clue were to sart to look for care that has low income funding ;(

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