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Appointments & Questions

Throughout pregnancy, you will find that you have many questions, many doctors’ visits, and many concerns. When things begin feeling overwhelming, let us help you steer through the perplexity with the following articles, written by experts and mothers like you.

Doctors, Appointments, & Questions - Pregnancy
5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Prenatal Appointments

Doctor’s appointments during pregnancy can bring on a range of feelings. From joy and ...
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A New Test for Pregnant Women May Be a Life Saver

If there were a test that could tell you if you had cancer while you were pregnant, ...
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Bleeding During Pregnancy

It is not something we expect when we are pregnant, but it happens, and when it does, ...
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3 Solutions for Rib Pain During Pregnancy

Now that you’re into your third trimester, if your little bun in the oven is anything ...
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Yes, a VBAC is Possible!

Birth is normal, anticipated, and expected; but it is also a major life event. This ...
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MaterniT21 Plus: Non-Invasive Fetal Genetic Testing

As opposed to other genetic tests that are invasive and considered relatively high risk ...
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